CI/CD Integration Demo Example

Integrating Kobiton into your CI/CD pipeline is easy and convenient. In this video, I'll use Bitrise to show you how we can easily upload new builds of your application to the Kobiton app repository as well as run automation scripts on a schedule.

Within Bitrise. I've created a deploy workflow where I've activated my SSH key so that I can access my private Git repository. I've pulled my android build, signed it, and I'm using my upload application to Kobiton.

Within this step, we enter our app name, app path, app type, and privacy, and we can utilize this app ID field to either upload a brand new application to the app repository or add a new version to an already uploaded application. I'll switch over to the Kobiton portal to show you what that looks like.

So here I have my Bitrise sample application that I've uploaded via my Bitrise deploy step. As you can see here, I have four different versions.

So when I click on this application I can see those four versions here. And these four versions were uploaded utilizing the app ID field in my Bitrise step. In addition to uploading an application via our custom Kobiton Bitrise steps. We can also automate.

So here I have my primary workflow where I activate my SSH key once again to access my private Git repository. And then I'm going to utilize our execute automation test in Kobiton Automation step here to run my automation scripts on a schedule. Here I enter my Kobiton username an API key which I can get from the Kobiton settings page. Kobiton will provide you with an Exeter server URL, username, and password, and then I simply enter my Git repository URL where my scripts are located, my SSH Key and the app ID that I would like to run this script against. Again, switching over to the Kobiton portal, I can show you what that looks like once it has been run on a schedule.

So my automation test shows up here in our session list. Once it's complete, I can click to open that session and I'm brought to my session. overview. Like with any automation script, whether run from an IDE or kicked off via Bitrise.

I'm going to get a video of the session. I'm going to see device info, application info. And I'm also going to be able to download my device logs and my Appium logs.

And that is a general overview of how you would use Bitrise to upload new versions of your application to the Kobiton App Repository and kick off your automation scripts either manually or on a schedule. 

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