New DevOps Model (Introducing:Revolution Model)

As I started to think about what might be able to replace the SDLC, I knew it was critical that testing be a first-class citizen in any model I developed. It was also important that the model reflect the multi-threaded, non-sequential nature of our work, as well as embody the roles engineers take on and all the considerations they encounter along the way.

What I settled on is the Revolution model. I believe this visualization is capable of capturing any of the pivotal moments of a software scenario. I call it a revolution because, for one, it revolves, it circular shape reflects the continuous and iterative nature of our work, but also because it is revolutionary. I am challenging a 60-year-old model that is embedded into our daily language.

 The Revolution model is constructed of five concentric circles describing the critical roles of software development architecting, developing, automating, deploying, and operating. Intersecting each loop are six spokes that describe the production considerations every engineer must consider throughout any engineering work, testability, securability, reliability, observability, flexibility, and scalability.

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