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Solve your software testing constraints with simulated services! This video tutorial series will walk you through the set up and implementation of service virtualization to help you get up and running quickly. You'll learn about:

• Basic and advanced tips to create virtual services
• Data source parameterization and correlation
• Configuring basic performance characteristics
• And much more

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As automation provided mobile testing teams with the ability to quickly resolve bugs, AI and Machine Learning have promised to bring your automation skills to the next level, providing easier test creation and less maintenance. In this video tutorial, we’ll go over Kobiton’s
Intelligent Quality Suite, how AI can support scripted automation, take a deep dive into scriptless automation, and look at native frameworks on Kobiton.

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I know getting started with automation can seem a bit daunting – especially if you don't have the time to devote to setting up automation. Discover how to make the move using Kobiton as an example.

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In this video tutorial, the team behind Tricentis qTest will guide you through best practices for setting up test management that ties results directly to requirements, streamlines test scheduling and orchestration across tools, and simplifies reporting. With access to the latest qTest Trial, you'll follow along as we walk you through how to:
• Establish and maintain traceability by syncing Jira issues to qTest as requirements, and submit defects back to Jira while executing test runs
• Manage and schedule test automation across any tools through a single interface
• Orchestrate common events and updates on testing across tools like Jira, Jenkins, GitHub, and Slack
• Build custom dashboards to report in real time on quality, coverage, velocity analysis, or the metrics that matter most to your business at the team, project, or organization level

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Discover how to include other teams within Chaos Engineering and how you can get started at your organization.

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