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Shannon Lee: Hello, everyone. Welcome to Kobiton's second course here on Test Guild.

Within this course, we're actually going to look at A.I. and automation and an intro to Kobiton's Intelligent Quality Suite and Automation Solutions.

My name is Shannon Lee. I am the solutions engineer for Kobiton with the focus Dev Evangelism. So helping to bring the good word of technology to you all and hopes to really help in your productivity within your mobile test automation efforts. So quick agenda for this course.

So the first chapter we'll do an intro into Kobiton's Intelligent Quality Suite. 

Then in chapter two, we'll move on to how A.I. is supporting scripted automation.

So in our previous course that we've done, we actually took a look at scriptless automation and how A.I can come into play be scriptless.

(๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘‰ If you missed it you can watch the first course here

So within this course, we'll actually take a look on how A.I can support scripted automation, specifically Appium scripts. Moving on from that, we'll take an intro into the other scripted framework. So the native frameworks such as Espresso for Android applications and XCUI test for iOS applications. And then after in chapter four, we'll introduce Kobiton's feature called Virtual USB that allows you to connect with any IDE, say, Xcode or Android studio code, be able to connect to a real device, even a remotely hosted real device. 

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