Hello, everyone.

Welcome to Test Guild in Kobiton's course learning how to run native frameworks on Kobiton. My name is Shannon Lee. I am the lead solutions engineer for Kobiton with a focus of Dev Evangelism.

So here to help bring the good word of technology to you all and I'll be you get started and your mobile test automation efforts. As I've mentioned previously in this course, I will be reviewing the mobile test automation native frameworks such as Espresso and XCUI Test.

Kobiton does have other courses available if you're interested in looking and getting started with Kobiton's scriptless or a no-code low-code solution as well as how to get started with Appium and be able to run your Appium scripts on real devices also.

But for this course specifically, we'll be focusing on Espresso and XCUI Test and how you'll be able to run those scripts on real devices making use of Kobiton platform. 

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