Let's take a look at the previous run.

So with this run, we actually have some accessibility validations coming in flight. Once again around color, contrast, and touch target size. If we were to resolve this validation. Nova is letting us know that W3C compliant guidelines are looking for a contrast ratio of 3.89 I'm sorry, 4.5. So that is the ratio that the contrast ratio between the foreground and the background. If it is not large enough of a ratio if those colors are too similar or too alike. That might be hard for someone with any visual impairments or any colorblindness to make use of your application.

So once again, Nova is suggesting that you increase the foreground and background color color ratio to 4.5 so that your application is accessible for all users. If this is not. Once again that is non-judgmental testing. It really is up to the user to accept or deny any of these validations coming into play. So if we don't want to have this validation come up again, it's not really a true issue. This is a beta app or we're looking to change it anyways we can just simply ignore it. When it comes to touch target size. This is the top point. Again, not the touch target size to ensure that it is large enough for all users to use.

So we have the actual size here with the width and height, and then it is suggesting to increase that size so that it is accessible for all users to be able to tap and interact with that target. For text validations. This is going to be any weird word wrapping that might happen when you navigate between different screen resolution. So maybe you're going from an iPhone mini to an iPad and that text can either extend or it can wrap and maybe do some wonky things that you don't want it to do. Nova will be able to identify that for you. Nova also is able to pick up. Any discrepancies that may not be true discrepancies.

Once again, it's going to come down to the user to say, yep, that's actually an issue, or Nope, that looks fine. So for this we can simply just say skip or if it is we can also set it as a new baseline also. Here it is clearly showing that it seems that that is blink when in actuality the numbers there. And so we can simply tell Nova to skip that.

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