So that does bring us to the end of this course. It is known that trying to adopt mobile test automation can be very difficult.

There are quite a bit of hurdles that might come in your way, device fragmentation or script flakiness or even having that knowledge, overcoming that knowledge barrier to be able to script in general.

So you're seeing that artificial intelligence can come into play to really help support you in your automation efforts. Not only does AI support scriptless automation, so the ability to create a test case without having to write a single line of code. But also I can support your scripted automation as well.

We did a bit of a deep dive into just that. In this course. 

We also touched on the other options you might have when adopting NOVA test automation, making use of the native frameworks such as Espresso and XCUI test, and then if you so choose on making use of those frameworks.

We did dive into Kobiton's feature virtual USBthat allows you to connect a remote device directly to your IDE to run those native frameworks scripts. 

So I just want to say thank you all for reviewing this course. 

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