Course Prerequisites

Before we go ahead and get set up, I just wanted to go over some of the prerequisites that you should have installed if you want to follow along with the code in this course. The chances are you're going to have most of these prerequisites installed already. But I just wanted to go over them quickly just to make sure that you actually have them on your machine and show you where to go in case you need to download any of them.

The first thing that you need to have installed Git. Again, chances are you already have Git installed, you don't really strictly need to have it installed. You could just download the repositories that you need just straight away, but it's easier if you do have Git installed. So if you need to install Git, you can just head over to this website here, just download Git and then just install it on your machine. The other thing that you do need to have installed is the Java JDK and Karate actually recommends that you have version 11+ any of the newer versions of the JDK should work fine as well. Even version 8 might work, but just make sure that you have the Java JDK, preferably a new version of it installed already. Again, if you want to download the JDK, you can just hover it over to the Java Downloads page here. You can just see here you can download Java 21 or Java 17. These are the latest long-term support release versions. So again, you can just download the binary here for whatever your operating system is and just install the JDK.

The next thing that you need to have is the Maven build tool. So Maven is basically just the Java build tool and it's Maven that we're going to be using to actually build our code into actually run our Karate Tests. Again, if you don't have Maven installed, you can just head over to this page here to download Maven. You can just follow the instructions on here just to get it set up and installed on your machine. The last thing that we're going to need is an IDE. So for this course, I'm going to be using Visual Studio code just because it's my IDE of choice. You can use other IDEs as well. IntelliJ works really well with Karate. That's another good one. But for this course, I'm just going to use Visual Studio code because it's free and it's one of the best IDEs to be honest. 

Again, if you need to download Visual Studio code, just head over to this download page here and again download the version of Visual Studio code that you need for your operating system. The one other prerequisite that's optional is the Postman tool. What Postman essentially does is just allow you to make API calls directly on your computer. So it can be quite good for when you're experimenting with a new API. You just want to try out some different calls. Postman can be a useful tool to use for that. You don't strictly need it to follow along with this course just because I'll be showing you all the code that you need to write API tests. But if you're testing your own API or creating your own API, it's probably a good idea to have Postman installed. Again, Postman is free and you can download it by just heading over to the download page here. Just download whichever version you need again for your system. Follow the instructions to get it installed and set up. 

Okay, so once you've got those prerequisites installed, then you'll be ready to follow along with the code in the course. Just go through, make sure you've got those prerequisites installed, and then I'll see you in the moment, and then we'll start writing out our Karate Test automation tests.



Java JDK 11+:


Visual Studio Code:


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