The three at a glance we have Appium, Espresso, and XCUI Test.

You might be asking yourself what is the best route for you to take when you are adopting mobile test automation.

So we're going to be dependent on what you are familiar with. We are comfortable with your end goal of again what best fits you. Appium is fantastic and kind of bridging that device fragmentation. However, it is slower and not as stable, so maintenance might be counterproductive. And then for the native frameworks, Espresso and XCUI test faster and more stable.

But you might be left with a learning curve of learning objectives C or be the caveat of having two scripts for one test case might not be ideal and also be proven to be counterproductive. So really finding what best fits for you. With that in mind, the native frameworks are still a fantastic way to begin adopting mobile test automation. And within this course, we'll review how to run your native frameworks scripts on your devices using Kobiton. 

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