Install Demo Application

In this lesson from the "Test Guild UI Automation with Playwright" course, Artem Bondar guides you through installing a practice application that you'll use throughout the class. Here's what you'll learn:

1. **Navigating to GitHub**: Learn how to locate the "pw-practice-app" repository on GitHub and copy its URL for cloning.

2. **Cloning the Repository**: Follow the steps to create a new folder on your computer, open a terminal in that folder, and clone the repository using the `git clone` command.

3. **Opening in Visual Studio Code**: Understand how to open the cloned application in Visual Studio Code for further development.

4. **Installing Dependencies**: Learn how to install the necessary dependencies using the `npm install` command. Artem provides a solution for resolving any dependency conflicts by adding the `--force` flag.

5. **Running the Application**: Discover how to run the application locally using the `npm start` command and access it on `localhost:4200` in your browser.

6. **Exploring the Test Application**: Get an overview of the test application's features, including various web elements like input forms, date pickers, dialog boxes, tooltips, charts, and smart tables, which you'll interact with during the course.

7. **Stopping the Application**: Learn how to stop the application using the `Ctrl + C` command in the terminal, and understand the need to restart it with `npm start` whenever you want to use it again.

By the end of this lesson, you will have the practice application set up and ready to use, providing a hands-on environment for learning UI automation with Playwright. See you in the next lesson!

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