In this lesson from the "Test Guild UI Automation with Playwright" course, Artem Bondar explains the use of Test Hooks to organize and optimize your test code. Here's what you'll learn:

1. **Understanding Test Hooks**:
- **Before Each Hook**: Learn how to use the `beforeEach` hook to execute code before each test, reducing code duplication and ensuring preconditions are met for every test.
- **Before All Hook**: Understand how to use the `beforeAll` hook to run code once before all tests in a file, typically for setting up initial conditions.
- **After Each Hook**: Discover how to use the `afterEach` hook to run code after each test, useful for cleanup tasks.
- **After All Hook**: Learn how to use the `afterAll` hook to execute code once after all tests have run, often for final cleanup or teardown tasks.

2. **Example Scenario**:
- **Navigating to Date Picker Page**: See how to automate the flow to navigate to the Date Picker page and identify code duplications that can be optimized using hooks.

3. **Implementing Before Each Hook**:
- **Removing Duplication**: Implement the `beforeEach` hook to navigate to the base URL and then perform specific actions in each test, such as navigating to the Date Picker page.
- **Code Optimization**: Remove duplicated code from individual tests and place it in the `beforeEach` hook to streamline test scripts.

4. **Additional Hooks**:
- **Before All and After All Hooks**: Learn how to add `beforeAll` and `afterAll` hooks for tasks that should run once before or after all tests, respectively.
- **Avoiding Flakiness**: Understand why it's generally better to avoid `afterEach` and `afterAll` hooks unless necessary, as they can introduce test flakiness.

5. **Grouping Tests with Describe**:
- **Using Describe Blocks**: Discover how to group tests into suites using `describe` blocks, and how to apply hooks within these blocks for more granular control.
- **Nested Hooks**: See how nested hooks work within `describe` blocks, allowing for specific setups for different groups of tests.

6. **Running and Skipping Test Suites**:
- **Selective Execution**: Learn how to use `test.describe.skip` and `test.describe.only` to run or skip entire test suites, providing flexibility in test execution.

7. **Practical Example**:
- **Setting Up Test Suites**: Create multiple test suites with their own `beforeEach` hooks to handle different test setups, such as navigating to different pages.
- **Running Tests**: Run and verify tests to see how the hooks and suites work together to execute the tests in an organized manner.

By the end of this lesson, you will be able to effectively use Test Hooks to organize your test code, reduce duplication, and set up preconditions and postconditions for your tests, making your automation scripts more efficient and maintainable. See you in the next lesson!

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