API Testing “Hierarchy of Needs”

I want to talk about the hierarchy of needs for a moment before getting into a demo and walking you through a simple example that you can try out on your own as part of this training. As I said, I know many teams don't do assertions enough, and when you start out by at least getting the status code that you expect, it's very, very important that you progress on to a stage where you can do assertions on data and schema.

And trust me, I've seen so many teams where they just move on after doing a very simple check. They don't validate all the data and what that leads to the lack of confidence when you actually release your APIs and sign off on your continuous integration build, for example, you may lack the confidence that you need, and the solution is you really need to have assertions. And choosing an API framework that has proper assertions built in is something I consider quite important.

There are more things you can do. We want our mocking and contract testing, but I just leave you with some thoughts that these are things you could do once you are familiar with the basics of API testing, and we have performance testing on the right, which we will cover and in part two of today's session.

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