Why use Karate for Automation Testing?

Finally, I wanted to talk about the state of Karate today as an API or a test automation solution. Now, Karate is unique for its combination of API testing, API performance testing, API mocks, and UI automation as you see at the top. What do you see in the middle of this diagram, this blog diagram has all the capabilities of Karate offers you as a test automation solution, and it's quite a lot. Although, Karate started out as a very plain vanilla API testing solution today, it does quite a lot in mocks, performance testing, web browser automation, and even desktop automation on Windows.

If you have that need, do check out Karate. I don't want to say that some of the things about Karate are the parallel execution, HTML reporting. There's a whole bunch of aspects here that I'm pointing at, and these are reasons why you should choose a framework like Karate that comes with all these capabilities out of the box rather than you rewrite them and spend a lot of time.

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