Hey, one of my top automation in testing trends predictions for this year was the increased need for API simulation when testing modern software.

When I told the folks in Parasoft that I see a need for more education in this area due to the increased demand that I've been seeing, they were cool enough to volunteer to put together this free course, Test the Untestable Using the Power of API Simulation With Parasoft Virtualize.

API simulation, also known as service virtualization, is a process of simulating the behavior of an application programming interface, an API, to test the functionality and performance of a software application.

In software testing, API simulation involves creating a simulation of an API and using it to test the application rather than using the real API. This is a valuable tool in software testing because it allows developers and testers to test the application without relying on a real API's availability or functionality.

This is even more critical now as we go to a cloud-native first type of development approach with many different micro-services in play. It also allows you to test the application in a controlled environment which can help isolate issues and identify problems.

This course will help walk you through and set up an implementation of service virtualization to get you up and running quickly.

So you can discover basic and advanced tips to create virtual services, data source parameterization and correlation, configure basic performance characteristics, and more.

Register now to discover the free version of Parasoft Virtualize and how it can help you solve your software testing constraints with simulated services.

Check it out. 

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