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Shannon Lee: Okay. So getting started. Chapter one and an intro to Kobiton Intelligent Quality Suite.

To start, you might be wondering what exactly is Intelligent Quality Suite. So here we actually define IQS as any time artificial intelligence comes into play, whether that's creating an Appium script that you can then be exported, whether that's creating scriptless, automation test cases.

So kind of low-code no-code test cases made possible by AI, but even further, we actually A.I can help support in flagging or bringing to your attention any discrepancies between a baseline session and either a scriptless for Appium script session thereafter. And within those differences, they might be in the realms of visual testing.

So here, I'll actually see this Kobiton's Nova's validations that we offer for visual and text validations, as well as performance and accessibility validations.

There are, among other features within IQS. Once again, where A.I. kind of comes into play. But within this chapter, we're really just going to focus on the text, visual performance, and accessibility validations, and specifically how AI can support your Appium scripts, whether that's creating an Appium script from a manual session, or the ability to stabilize your script to be a Flexcorrect that can actually keep your scripts from failing due to the pesky element not found on page.

So once again, that is Kobiton's Intelligent Quality Suite where we touch on not only scriptless automation but also scripted automation as well. 

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