Okay. So I touched on scriptless automation, so I want to just do a bit more into the introduction of scriptless automation just a bit further. So scriptless no-code automation. So it is powered by artificial intelligence to write scripts, so you don't write a single line of code.

This is perfect for wanting to hit the ground. Running with automation helps you jump over the hurdles of test automation. I know in my own experience that creating the automation framework from the ground up, given whatever web application you're testing or mobile application that you're testing, can be very difficult, very tedious, and difficult to once again had the automation architecture in place from a scripted perspective.

For scriptless that is not needed, you can once again really hit the ground running and your automation. How does it do this? So coming from a manual session as a baseline. So as we mentioned previously, we have visual testing in place as well. Very similar in the same way. So you run a manual session that is then your baseline and users are able to scale scriptless automation across multiple devices by taking that baseline session and running it across multiple devices. And then validations will be flagged when any difference or any discrepancies comparing to that baseline are present with a certain device, or certain operating system that will be brought to the user's attention.

So how exactly does it work? So A.I captures the manual session data to be able to run on additional devices and then analyzes what we call these revisits to the baseline to bring forth any potential defects. So I want to take a moment to to explain the artificial intelligence that is happening in place with Kobiton. There are different scriptless, frameworks out there. Some of the tools and resources out there are not through A.I. They're more of a string of if-then code and statements, which can be very brittle, inconsistent, and unreliable.

For Kobiton, we come from a capturing standpoint. And that manual session, our artificial intelligence is capturing all the metadata associated with that session. Every tap that you do, every scroll that you perform on a real device, every element that you're interacting with. Nova, who's our A.I engine, will actually capture that entire session to then be rerun on additional devices. 

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