Special Message from Joe

Hey, I'm Joe and I want to welcome you to this course on learning how to run native frameworks.

with Kobiton. We have a few other courses with Kobiton available.

But based on your feedback we heard the guild wants to hear more about specifically about automation with espresso and XCUI Test.

So after sharing this feedback with the folks at Kobiton, ShannonLee was awesome enough to agree to create another mini course to go over this topic more in-depth.

Shannon also shares how to run espresso and XCUI tests on real devices using the Kobiton platform.

But even if you're not using the Kobiton platform, you're going to get some value by learning more about espresso and XCUIT test and why running on real devices is so critical for your mobile testing automation efforts.

So I want to thank everyone at Kobiton for their help and I hope you enjoy this course.

I'm also always looking for feedback, so contact me anytime with questions about this free training.


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