So on the other fronts, with Android, that's one-half of the market of the platforms available for mobile devices.

Of course, there's iOS and Apple testing as well. Here we have XCUI test available for as a mobile test automation framework. So what is the XCUI test? It is also a free and fast native framework for UI testing, but for iOS, mobile devices, and applications.

It's also baked right into Xcode IDE and it too offers a recorder. XCUI test recorder that it can record your navigation of the UI and helps create scripts. The pros of XCUI test. Again, fast is always a great name of the game, so it's a bit fast solution for iOS testing. There is an anti-flake option and so it's easy to maintain and it works directly at the object level and navigates through the element hierarchy that helps verify elements with ease.

It's very stable in that way. And it's easier also to integrate within a CI/CD pipeline.

So some drawbacks of XCUI test. Again, only saying one-half of the market of devices and platforms available. It's not compatible for non iOS devices. You wouldn't be able to test those scripts on any Android or other types of devices.

It's also less stable and reliable on real devices. For iOS, they offer simulators and so can be very robust on simulators. But when you translate that to real devices, it can lose its stability. So that anti-flake benefit kind of dwindles down when testing on real devices. And it's not quite ideal for smoke and regression testing, mainly because it's only looking for that kind of UI top-down approach to testing.

It's mainly built for the iOS and Xcode developer in minds a less focus on quality engineering and QA. Also, it's limited to Objective-C and Swift languages that the same languages that are used for iOS app development.

So you can already sense a similarity between the two frameworks. So one, each framework is fantastic for each platform. So Espresso to Android and XCUI test to iOS applications. 

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